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TerraNova Crete, Inc. utilizes the best and most efficient technology to set elevation grades when setting new concrete or leveling old slabs is critical. With TerraNova Crete's specialized equipment we can lay up to 20,000 square feet of concrete per day. Our efficient application process and fast drying times will keep you on schedule.

Installation of Firm-Fill® Gypsum Concrete Underlayments

We expertly install FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concrete Underlayments (GCU). Firm-Fill GCU is designed for use in multi-family housing, hospitality, and commercial buildings to satisfy acoustical ratings and fire codes while providing flat, quick-drying surfaces for finished floor coverings. Firm-Fill GCU range in psi from 1200 all the way up to 4000 psi and are quick drying – you can walk on it 90 minutes after it is poured and it is fully cured within 10-14 days.

All Firm-Fill Underlayments are appropriate for use over Hacker Sound Mat & FIRM-FILL® SCM-125, 250, 400 and 750.

Radiant Heat Flooring

We also install gypsum underlayment for specific use as the heat mass for radiant floors. Radiant heating is the most efficient way to heat a home because it heats the house from the bones on out. With our gypsum underlayment as the heat mass, your choices for finished floor coverings are limitless - tile, wood, carpet, laminate, it all stays warm!

Installation of Firm-Fill® Sound Control Mats

We also install acoustical control mats that work in a system with gypsum concrete to be a noise-reduction package. FIRM-FILL® Sound Control Mats (SCM) are durable, lightweight sound control mats that provide a quieter environment and meets demanding project specifications. FIRM-FILL® SCM are engineered to limit impact sound transmission between floors when used in conjunction with a FIRM-FILL® Gypsum Concrete Underlayments. FIRM-FILL® SCM can improve IIC ratings 15-25 points and carry a Class-A fire rating under ASTM E84.

Laser Leveled Floors

Other than our underlayment install services, we also offer laser leveled floors on any surfaces, including spalled and rough unfinished concrete. We can level your sagging, slanted or sloped subfloor or cracked concrete foundation slab.



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